How Transformer Spares Help You In Saving Your Money?

There are many reasons behind transformer failure and when it happens, you left with two options- either to replace damaged part or to replace entire transformer. We know transformer is an expensive device and it is always better to take proper care of transformer in order to avoid premature failure. But when it happens, you drain a lot of money on repairing and replacements. This is the reason why most suppliers nowadays are offering cheap yet quality transformer spares in order to give you little relief in such panic.


For manufacturing units and foundries, satisfactory reliability and cost performance of transformers is vital to the proper operation and design of the grid. Transformers are too much expensive and it becomes tough for users to buy a new transformer when they face premature transformer failure.

Transformer failure can be a terrifying situation that will cost you more, but there is a cost trade-off. The cost effective method to escape from this risk is twofold-

  • 1. replace aging transformer and transformers that are in poor condition,
  • 2. Use transformer spares

There are industries that are running transformers at greater risk to save replacement costs. But the management should understand that this risk is bigger and will cost them more than anything. Transformer spares can lower this risk in cost-effective way as they can increase the optimal retirement age of the transformer system. Total costs of transformer can be greatly reduced by the integration of spares into transformer.

Engineers can optimally make spares sit into the system to leverage geographic effects. Even if the transformer is older, it can perform as cost-effective spares. You can measure all values offered by spares using a transparent methodology.

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