Easy To Use Transformer Oil Filtration Solutions For Industries

A transformer plays an integral role in the transmission, generation, and distribution of electricity. The insulating heat and dissipates heat act as a coolant and effective dielectric under load transformer. The transformer oil absorbs moisture from windings that leads to constant deterioration of dielectric strength. Transformer oil filtration solution purifies the system in most effective and efficient manner.


The purifier consists of following equipments:
  • Filter Unit
  • Vacuum dehydration
  • Indirect system of oil heating
  • Condenser and condensate receiver
  • Piping and valves
  • Feed and delivery pump
  • Control panel
Filter Unit: It consists of a coarse strainer and round type filter paper discs.

Coarse strainer has a wire mesh filter element to retain solid particles and a robust magnet to retain magnetic particles. Round type filter paper discs are located under spring compression. User can easily clean off the sediment by reversing the compressed gas flow.

Indirect System of Oil Heating: Heaters are specially intended with low watt density to heat the auxiliary heating oil, which is responsible for heating the transformer oil.

Vacuum Dehydration: The cylindrical external pressure vessel equipped with several shallow drip trays and an intended spray pipe. This entire arrangement raises interfacial surface area.

Condenser: It is used for condensing the vapor from dehydration chamber.

Water Separator: It gathers water produced by the condenser and drains it out periodically.

Feed and Delivery Pump: It is directly coupled with motors.

Control Panel: It is a centralized panel in the transformer oil filtration device and is incorporated all major electrical devices with indicating lamps, such as-
  • Imported thermostat
  • Thermometer
  • Flow control indicator
  • Pressure and vacuum gauges
  • Electronic float control
  • Electrical instruments
  • Electrical overloads
Source your ideal transformer oil filtration solutions from authentic supplier of transformer products. If a solution does not match with the standards, the performance will remain under expectation.